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Transmission Services

Transmission fluid is incredibly important to the health of your transmission. It is quite important to service the fluid regularly and before transmission problems arise. By regularly servicing your transmission we can help to ensure that your transmission is working at its optimum performance, which can be a huge cost saving for you.

Why It's Done


According to the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association, 9 out of 10 transmission failures are due to over-heating of the fluid and fluid contamination. Once fluid is contaminated or over heated, it can leave sludge and varnish deposits on critical transmission parts. The contaminated fluid then clogs filters and can re-strict proper fluid flow, resulting in serious malfunction of complete failure of the transmission.

How It's Done


We offer a complete fluid exchange flush of the transmission. This is more effective than draining the fluid from the transmission drain plug. With the use of a complete transmission flush machine and a safe cleaner we can safely remove sludge and varnish deposits from the transmission system, while simultaneously replacing it with new clean fluid. We only use the fluid that meets your vehicles specific and exact requirements. A new Transmission filter is installed and a transmission fluid conditioner is added.

How Often

Transmission fluid should be replaced every 2 years approximately. (May differ for different vehicle manufactures.)

When you purchase a Premium Oil Change service from us we check your transmission fluid. This way we always know the status of the fluid, and can let you know ahead of time when it is best to schedule your car in for a Transmission Flush.


Transmission fluid levels

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