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Oil Services

Regular and Synthetic Oil Changes

Every oil changed performed at Bettcher's Auto includes a Multi-Point Inspection. We believe that every oil change on your vehicle should be performed as a complete service. The whole process takes about an hour. In addition to changing the oil and filter we also inspect many other systems in your vehicle including all fluids, lights, belts, hoses, and tires. After we have checked these fluids we can help you to determine if there are any other maintenenance services that may need to be completed. After talking with one of our service advisors we hope that you will have a greater understanding of the importance in maintaining your vehicle at specific intervals.


Changing your Oil Regularly is extremely important for the health of your engine, generally an oil change is done every 8000 km or every 6 months, depending on which happens first. It's important to use the proper specification of oil that your car requires.


Ask us if it's time to perform a Engine Oil Flush Service or A Power Engine Oil Flush Service - these services are slightly different than our oil changes as they are used when the oil has become very dirty. They help to remove harmful sludge and buildup that can keep your engine from working at its best.

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