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Heating and Cooling Repairs

You want to maintain that your Car's Air Conditioning (A/C or ac) system is working at its best. It is not uncommon for your Air Conditioning system to require what is known as an A/C Recharge, this may need to be done because of age or due to a problem within the system.


To properly diagnose your vehicle's A/C problem we have to ensure that the proper amounts of refrigerant are contained within the system, this is done by performing what is known as an evacuate and recharge. The system is put under a vacuum to ensure that there are no leaks within the system; we also add a dye to help us find any leaks. If there are any leaks at all in the system (and some can be as small as a pin hole!) we then have to determine where they are coming from and what parts require replacement. If certain parts of the air conditioning system fail we have to ensure that they have not started to deteriorate causing fragments of metal to go through the system; if this has happened it can lead to ongoing air conditioning problems.

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